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General questions:
You can e-mail your enquiries of a general nature (that do not involve legal advice) to our office at Please note that many of these questions cannot be answered without further discussion, analysis, and/or clarification, since doing so would not be adequate and could result in an incorrect response based on insufficient facts and information.

Paid consultation:
If you have a question that entails legal advice, then you can send a request for e-mail consultation at There will be a fee for the consultation based on the nature of the consultation. If you decide to engage the services of our law firm for the matter discussed within 30 days after your consultation, we will credit the entire amount of the consultation fee towards our legal fees.

Intent to Hire:
If you have decided to use the services of our law firm, and need more information about the then you can send a request for e-mail consultation at Wei will send you a contract and a link to to enter your data.

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